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children's christmas

bharrelson started this conversation

Does anyone know where i may be able to get help for my daughter's 7 children.  This will be the first year my daughter has had to do this by herself.  Last year she had her husband who has since then passed away.  In August my daughter & I went into there home and found her husband hanging from the ceiling fan.  We tried desperately to save him but we couldn't.  It's been hard on her and the children since then.  They get survivors benefits but my son-in-law was only 24 so her didn't work and pay in much.  So, I'm trying to find help.  If anyone has any ideas please let me know. 

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Mam i know how you feel.Christmas and birthdays are not so hot around here.I do have an idea for you though if you know how to sew or crochet though.I have made caps,slippers and sleep wear for my three boys.I know its embarrrassing for us as parents.It makes me cry because you try so hard to provide for your children and it seems like you are not getting anywhere.People always say its gotta get worse before it gets better!Well my question is this?Whens it going to get better?lets pray for each other and others like us.somethings gotta change for the better.

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